Submit A Service Request

To submit a Service Request:

  • You must be connected to the school Wi-Fi Network - BYUH-Secure
  • Click on the appropriate facility -  Campus  or  Housing
  • All yellow fields are required
  • Use the drop-down menu to select the building where the work is to be performed
  • For faculty housing work orders please choose University Housing, then find your address under Area/Rm #
  • If the request is for basic maintenance choose Cost Center- Central Shops
  • If the request is for “custom work” please choose the appropriate cost center.
  • In the "Action Requested" field, please be specific and include as much information as needed for the particular task
  • Include dates and times for activity setups 
  • Make sure you see a Request Number after clicking SUBMIT
  • Attach photo- If you want to show a photo of the issue please send it in an email to Add your Request Number that you receive upon submitting in the subject line.
Once your Service Request is accepted, a Work Order is generated. You will receive an e-mail with a reference number along with the description of the task that was requested. Once the technician has finished the work order, you will receive another email notifying you of its completion. Should the work be incomplete, please contact the Service Center at 675-3400.